Martin Heidegger’s Philosophy

Martin Heidegger’s Philosophy :
The Question Of :

  In this paper, I would like to discuss two main points in Martin Heidegger’s philosophy . First , what does Heidegger ( 1884 – 1976 ) mean by ‘’ authentic existence ‘’ ?  Second , what does the term Mit-sein mean in his thought ?
Heidegger’s  philosophy has been the subject of many critical discussions, but Heidegger says that his philosophical ideas cannot be calssified as existence philosophy . He claims that he is not concerned man’s existence but he is interested in Being in its totality .  Thus Heidegger’s view is that philosophy must return to the truth of Being because only through a rediscovery of Being that can modern man be protected from the chaos which threatens him .
 Also ,when discussing the question of Being . Heidegger points out that Being is indefinable . It is , in fact , a general concept and yet it is not well understood. The generality of the problem involves the exclusion of the possibility to answer the question , what is the meaning of Being ? But in asking this question , this means that the answer in present in  our mind ans Being in present to us.

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