Curriculum Vitae

First name : Abdelmadjid
Family name : Amrani
Place of birth:,Tamza Khenchela -Algeria
Marital Status :Married

Professor of Philosophy since 1998
Batna University,Algeria DZ

E-mail: عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته. عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.

Tel home : 00213.
Fax : 00213.


- Baccalauréat :1976, Lettre and Human Sciences Blida Algeria
- BA Philosophy :1981,University of Algiers
- M.Litt:1986, University of Glasgow G.B
- Ph.D :1990, University of Glasgow G B

Jobs and responsabilities

- Man of The Year 2011 for Algeria (ABI) web//

- Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities , University of Batna : 1999-2010.
- Director of Laboratory Research of Dialogue Between Civilizations and Globalization, since 2003.
- Member of the High Council for the Arabic Language, Algiers : 1998-2003
- President of the committee scientific research Dept of Political Science . university of Batna : 1992-1999.
- President of a research project on “the Future of Civilization Between Conflict and Dialogue”, 2005-2008.
- President of a research project on “The end of Philosophy and the Beginning of Modern History”, 1998-2001.
- Member in the Arabic Philosophy Society : Jordan 1995-2000.
- Member of Chinese Philosophy Society : 2007-2010 .
- Member in the Sartre’s Philosophy Society for the North America 1997-2000.
- Full Professor in Political philosophy , University of Batna since 1998.
- Lecturer in Political Philosophy, University of Batna:1991-1994.
- Assistant teacher in Human Sciences, University of Batna 1998-1991.
- Proposed as UNESCO Chair of Philosophy , 2010 , Batna University.

Academic achievements.

These supervised and submitted: (different Universities throughout Algeria)
-Magister :21,05 submitted
-Doctorate: 15,04 submitted

Courses taught :
Graduate :

- Political sciences and modern history.
-Greek Philosophy .
-Introduction to social sciences.
-The history of political ideas.
-Introduction to philosophy.
-The theory of the state.
-Muslim contemporary Philosophy .


-Research methodology.
-Techniques for research.
-The western philosophy.
-The political philosophy.
-The history of civilizations.
-Dialogue between civilizations within globalization.
-Democracy : from dialogue to alliance of civilizations .

Publication :
Books in Arabic:

1-Book a group of researchers : Acculturation in a Time of Globalization, 2011 Batna : Algeria.
2-Book a group of researchers : Communication and Acculturation ,2010 casablanca Morocco .
3-Studies in The History of Political Philosophy .(2 nd .R .edition) .2007 Heber;2007 .
4-The Future of the Dialogue of Civilizations along Globalization . 2004 Dubai U.A.E.
5-Studies in The History of the Political Ideas .1999, Batna university Press.
6-Jean-Paul Sartre and the Algerian Revolution 1954-1962.1996 .Cairo, Egypt.
7-The French Intellectuals and the Algerian Revolution 1954-1962 .1995 Dar eshihab, Batna.

Books and articles in English:

1- The Philosophy of the Algerian Muslim immigrations to the West:From dialogue to alliance of Civilizations (Manuscript unpublished)2012.
2- Jean-Paul Sartre and the Algerian War : 1954-1962, 2007 O.P.U, Algiers .
3- The Concept of Bad Faith in Jean Paul Sartre’s Philosophy 2005, O.P.U Algiers.
4- Husserl’s Phenomenology, (Human and Sciences Revue).N°6 1997, Batna.
5- The Pioneers of Pragmatism, (Human and Sciences Revue).N°3, 1995.Batna.


- Participated in the International Visitor Leadership Program on Interfaith Dialogue March 21-April 8 ,
2011 . United States Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

-Honered at the National Day of Philosophy,University of Batna,April 25-27,

-Yusuf bin Ahmed kanno award: we adopt your name (Prof,Dr.Amrani)to the list of scientists collaborators with award , Manama , kingdom of Bahrain May 31, 2009 (Private Letter).

-AL-Doha Capital of Arab Culture 2010 ,Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage .Participated:The Symposium of Problem of the Arab Cultural Heritage : Between the Borders of identity and Global perspectives, Doha ,April 17-18, 2010.Paper in arabic titled : Towards a New Perspective for Controversial Self-Ego and the Others in the Context of Globalization.

-The Officiel Web Site of the Nobel Prize.http//
-Book Tips-Visitors Recommend-Jean-Paul Sartre,Being and Nothingness,1943,Nausea,1938.
-SaintGenet,Actor and Maryr,1952,and the Condemned of Altona ,1959.http//…

Participation in different colloquies and seminaries :

-Expect Invitation to participate on the 18th International Conference of the International Society for Chinese Philosophy (ISCP).Paper titled: An Appeal to One Civilization to One World and the Way of Living.State university of New York at Buffalo,USA,July 21-24,2013.htt://

- Participated:The20th International Conference of the Simone de Beauvoir Society:Philosophy,Literature
and the Humanities, June 20-23,2012 university of Oslo,

-The Philosophy of the Algerian Muslim Immigration Towards the West : From Dialogue to Alliance of
Civilization . May 23-26,2011. UST 400 Philosophy org. Manila , Philippine .
- Moussem cultural International D’assilah 33, Morocco July 2-5, 2011 .
- Participated as Mediator and Speaker : In International Seminar : on Da’wah Islamiah In The \
Contemporary World : Revival and Challenges ,Jakarta Indonesia , July 08-10,2011 .
- 9 th Doha conference of Inter-faith dialogue . October 24-26,2011 . Doha ,Qatar
-Participated in : UNAOC ( Alliance of Civilizations forums : 2009-2011)
1- Second forum : Istanbul 2009 / / 2009.
2- Third forum Rio de Janeiro.2010/PAPER TITLED An Appeal to one Civilization to one world : / 2010.
3- Fourth forum Doha . Qatar 2011 , / 2011 / The obligation of democracy in the Arab world. Arabic . Doha
4- Invitation to attend the 5th UNAOC Global Forum, Vienna.Austria,February 26-28,

- United nation ,Alliance of Civilizations: Turkey at the Crossroads of Cultures January 29-31.2009
Kennesaw State University. Kennesaw . Georgia .USA and presented a paper entitled :
The philosophy of the Turkish Muslim Immigration to the West: From Dialogue to Alliance of
Civilizations . www.kennesaw.edn/aocprogram.html .
09 (Private Letter). -Invities to conference of the initiative of custodian of the two holy mosques for inter religions dialogue and its impact in disseminating human values ( world dialogue ), Muslim world league, Geneva,Switzerland, september 30-october 1st , 2009
- British Society for Phenomenology, April 4-6, 2008 Oxford University , UK.
- 22 World Congress of Philosophy “Rethinking Philosophy Today “ July 30- August 5, 2008 Seoul National University Seoul , South Korea.
- 11th session Al-Babtain's Encyclopedia of Arab Poets in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Kuwait 27-30 October 2008 .First Associated Symposimum Dialogue of Civilization and Inter-Faith Dialogue. World Today, Cultures and
-US-Islamic World forum . Feb17-19,2007, Doha . Qatar .
-Jean-Paul Sartre’s political freedom and the Algerian revolution : 1954-1962 . Chinese Philosophy. .Society . Wuhan university . China, June 24-28 , 2007 . , Journal of Chinese Philosophy . .
-The 3rd International conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery ( FSKD’07) Haikou, Hainan,China From 24-28 August 2007 .
-“Dialogue between Religion” 4th Inter-Faith Dialogue. April 25-27,2006 Doha, Qatar.
-The 10th conference of Poetry of Lamartine,(AL-Babtain Prize Kuwait) Paris,31/10/-03/11/2006.
- Globalization and education priorities ,paper titled : Towards a new perspective to strengthen ethics in contemporary Islamic thought in the light of globalization, April 20-21 , 2004 , Riadh , Saudi Arabia
-Public Relations in the Arab World in the Age of Globalization : current realities and future prospects , May 4-5 ,2004 University of Sharjah , UAE .
-The Foundation of Abdulaziz saud Al-babtain’s Prize for Poetic creativity(session 09 ,IBEN-ZAIDONN) Cordoba , Spain , October 4-8,2004
-International symposium : globalization , ethics and Bediuzzaman : September 22-24,2002 Istanbul , Turkey .
-Naif Arab Academy for Security Sciences: Congress of Volunteer Work of Security in the Arab World under the banner of Security is Everyone’s esponsibilities September 25-27, 2002 .
-“The Criticism of Civilization in the Modern Arabic Ideas “March .28th 30th, 2001.Titouane, Moroco.
-“Islam and the Dialogue of Civilization” November.04-07th .2001.Riadh, Saudi Arabia.
-North –South Philosophy

- See more informations about the author : / / .

5- languages mastered

-Arabic: excellent spoken and written.
-English: excellent spoken and written.
-French: very good spoken and written.
- Thamazirt : very good spoken