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أ.د / عبد المجيد عمراني

مدير مخبر بحث :حوار الحضارات والعولمة بجامعة باتنة 1
أول بروفيسور جزائري يتحصل على جائزة غوزي للسلام في العاصمة الفلبينية مانيلا 2013
أ.د/ عبد المجيد عمراني يتسلم جائزة غوزي للسلام في العاصمة الفلبينية مانيلا 2013

Prof. Dr. Abdul Majeed Omrani

Modern and contemporary philosophy

Department of Philosophy, University of Batna 1 - Algeria

Prof. Dr. Abdul Majid Omrani, recipient of the Gozi Prize for World Peace, Manila, Philippines 2013. Member of the Supreme Council of the Arabic Language (1998-203). Member of the National University Committee - Humanities and Social Sciences Branch (2009-2011). Member of the Chinese Philosophical Society (2007-2013). Member of the British Phenomenology (2005-2007).
Holds a Doctorate in Philosophy (specializing in modern and contemporary philosophy) from the University of Aklasko - Britain in 1990. He worked as Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Batna University (1999-2010). Head of the Scientific Council of the Political Science Department at the same university (1992-1998). Professor of higher education since 1998. He has several books and articles in Arabic and English, including: Jean-Paul Sartre and the Algerian Revolution: 1954-1962 (Cairo: Madbouly’s Mekta, 1996) and the future of dialogue among civilizations in light of globalization (Dubai: Culture and Science Symposium, 2004). One Civilization, One World (Oman: Cultural Paths, 2016). He supervised several university theses (PhD, MA and Master’s since 1992 and discussed in most Algerian universities. Expert in several refereed scientific journals.
Participated in many national and international symposiums, forums and conferences.
Director of Research Laboratory: Dialogue of Civilizations and Globalization at the University of Batna since 2003.